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The Tear Drop Trophy match  is a competition between the Derbyshire Ladies E.W.B.F. and the Derbyshire Men E.B.F.


The winners being awarded the beautiful tear Drop Trophy (and the glory)


It was first played for in 1995 when  Pat Oliver of Derbyshire E.W.B.F. Challenged the Derbyshire Mens President  Geoff. Buxton to a preseason match .


Pat told Geoff to bring his tissues as he would be crying after his defeat.

Hence the Trophy was called  The Tear Drop.


The Trophy  hasn't  been played for the last couple of years.

This year it is being played for again  on Sunday  August 3rd at Derby West End B.C.as a charity match..It has been arranged by  Lesley Hinds and Garry Owen.


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